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Our Studies
  ARA collects real-time trace gas and fine particulate ambient air quality data utilizing advanced technologies in support of several studies.
Our Locations
ARA operates ten research monitoring stations throughout the Southeast U.S. with operational headquarters based in Dallas, Texas.
Public Data Archive
Search our public data archives for air quality data by location from 1992 to present.
Secured Public Site

Clients and co-investigators navigate to our password our password protected site for unprocessed data, early results, and working documents.

Method, Procedures, Instrument Descriptions
  Documents that describe how we collect, audit and validate our data.
  Information useful to field employees.

Atmospheric Research is an ambient air quality research and data analysis firm dedicated to measuring and monitoring air quality data in the Southeastern United States.

Our data, once fully validated, are made publicly available to researchers, students, and other interested groups through this website and through participation in NARSTO.

Please contact us for more information.

Presentations & Publications

We are currently adding a full archive of our presentations and publications to the website.


Our website has recently undergone a dramatic change. We are adding more functionality to the public data archives and upgrading several sections. Please check back for even more developments.

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